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NOW FRAMED! Transfigured Beings - Original

$2,500.00 $3,000.00

*photo was taken before framing to avoid reflection from glass
It is now beautifully framed. You can contact the artist to see the framed high quality image. 

Title: Transfigured Beings

Medium: Acrylic on Paper

Size: 28.5” x 37” WITH FRAME

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"We are always in flux, constantly changing. Our presence and the presence of other beings are never static, nor will ever be. Our only hope is that throughout our many transformations we learn, grow and improve upon ourselves making positive changes through our actions. My inspiration for this image came from learning about the tradition of storytelling and from hearing parts of our continuous story as well as having experienced and witnessed in others many transformations over the years."

© Jennifer Annaïs Pighin 2012

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