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5 Fortune Bats with Medicine Wheel - Original


Pen and Ink on Paper

Original. Temporary frame included.

This design is an amalgamation of the Wu Fu (five fortune bats), the Chinese philosophy of the Five Phases (wood, water, fire, Earth, metal) and the Canadian First Nations philosophy of the Medicine Wheel (four directions and center). These philosophies have manifold meanings which parallel each other in copious ways. Most notable are their uses in physical and mental health. At the heart of these philosophies lies the principle of balance, understanding of the cyclical nature of life, seasons, directions and respect for the process of rejuvenation. The Wu Fu symbolizes good fortune through the Five Happiness?s: health, wealth, longevity, virtue, and a natural death. The red bat specifically encompasses the luck of vast fortune.

Original Art from the creation of a Limited Edition print of 75


A Rare Artist Proof Print 14 x 18" can be purchased for $75.

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